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January 2nd-14th, 2017
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The Inspired Mom Summit could be the key to re-igniting your passions and can open an entirely new world of "inspiring" possibilities.  Save valuable time and money by attending VIRTUALLY from the comfort and privacy of your own home.
Discover secret methods and strategies that get results in the areas of your life that matter the most!
Reduce your time commitments and increase free time to spend with family, doing the things you enjoy doing!
Learn how to create a life full of the inspiration, happiness and love that you desire.
Avoid the many costly mistakes that others make by leveraging the advice of our top experts!
Melt away the stress of being "super-mom" while becoming more organized, efficient and on top of your game! 
Attract the life you've always dreamed of as you nurture an environment of love, integrity and faithfulness at home.
Dr. Eve Rosno
Hello! I’m so glad you are here and I can’t wait for you to unwrap the gifts of this summit! As a wife and mother myself (who happens to be a psychologist), I know well the struggles that you face each day!

I always dreamed of being a wife and mother, but had no idea how challenging it would be! Motherhood is by far the most stressful and demanding job I’ve ever had! I know the feelings of counting the minutes until bedtime, wanting to hide away for just a few minutes of peace and quiet, and feeling unsure if you can face the day when the alarm clock (or crying baby) calls you to duty each morning! I also know the immense pressure to raise your kids according to God’s will, to model His goodness and love, and to have a marriage that will withstand the trials that come!

I am passionate about lifting up Christian mothers just like you - about helping mothers to find their peace, joy, and purpose in order to live the life they were made for! My desire is that this summit will provide hope and encouragement, information and inspiration, connection and conviction! I pray that your heart will be open to God’s gentle whispers as you listen! I have been so blessed by these amazing women and I am excited to share these talks with you! 
Tracie Fobes
The Secret to Slashing Your Grocery Budget
Tracie is the ultimate Penny Pinchin’ Mom and has over 600,000 Facebook fans who agree! Listen in to hear how you can stress less and keep more money in your pocket after grocery shopping!
Shauna Niequist
How to Finally be Free from Perfectionism
Find peace within yourself and learn to just be still and know that God made you good. Shauna is a Christian author and speaker helping us to be intentional in our lives.
Dr. Victoria Dunckley
Too Much Tech: How to Eliminate the New Drug that May be Destroying Your Family
Technology is more than just fun and games! Dr. Victoria Dunckley shows us how technology may be at the root of our children’s behavior problems, mood instability and even academic struggles!
Allie Casazza
Digging out of the Clutter: Finding Peace with Less
Feeling overwhelmed with stress, constant picking up, laundry, and activities? Allie Casazza from The Purposeful Housewife shows us how to cut through the clutter and learn to be intentional with your stuff, your time, and your relationships.
Wendy Myers
Toxic Overload! Find out what’s making you sick and how to get rid of it!
Toxins are lurking everywhere and making us sick! Learn how toxins may be affecting your family and tips to restore health naturally.
Joanne Miller
How to Raise Faithful and Virtuous Children the Easy Way
Joanne of the National Center for Biblical Parenting will show us through a model of biblical-based heart- centered parenting how to raise children with strong Christian character.
Sarah Rodriguez
Overcoming the Unthinkable: Tips for Surviving Loss
When God allows overwhelming tragedy in your life, it can be debilitating! Learn about the grace and hope of overcoming from Sarah who is surviving infertility, miscarriage, and the death of her husband.
Maegan Watson
Stop Stressing about Dressing: Have a wardrobe that makes you feel amazing!
Make getting dressed the least stressful part of your day! Wardrobe stylist, Maegan Watson shares tips to let your clothes express exactly who you want to be and how you want to feel!
Barb Raveling
Break Free From Creature Comforts: Easy Tips for Mindful Eating and Drinking
Are you sabotaging yourself with emotional eating? Learn from author Barb Raveling how to get a hold of those unhealthy impulses with a renewed mind!
Laraine Bennett
Make Your Marriage Thrive By Understanding the Inner Workings of Your Spouse
Learn about how to overcome differences and help your husband to love you better! Hear inspiring advice to make your marriage better than ever!
Rebecca Dussault
Tips for Crushing your Fitness Goals without Sacrificing Sleep or Family Time
Can’t figure out how to balance life and be physically fit? Listen as Olympian and world champion Rebecca Dussault shares ideas for busy moms to stay faithful and fit!
Lydia Borja
When it's More than Just the Blues: Finding Grace Through Postpartum Depression
You’ve had your your precious baby but can’t find the joy in life. Join Lydia from Flourish in Hope as she shares helpful facts and inspires hope for finding grace in the darkness.
Dr. Kimberly Young
Coping without Technology: Avoiding Facebook and Netflix Self-Medication
Do you feel like the internet rules your family? Dr Young, the founder of the Center for Internet Addiction, share with us ways to recognize when the internet is a problem and how to reign it in again.
Tahni Cullen
How to Dream New Dreams for your Special Needs Child
Tahni, coauthor of Josiah’s Fire, shares her journey from devastation to hope after her son was diagnosed with autism and later began communicating in an extraordinary way. Learn how your faith can be strengthened through the trials and your heart focused on God while raising a child with special needs.
Megan Purnell
Find Money You Don't Know You Have and Knock Out Your Debt in Record Time
Overwhelmed by your financial situation? Learn to tackle those challenges and find financial freedom bite by bite from money master Megan Purnell.
Natalie Mauer
Be true to you: Finding the courage to be authentic!
Natalie, an entrepreneur, speaker, and writer shares her journey to authenticity! Learn tips for breaking through the masks and taking off the armor to reveal your true self.
Dr. Eve Rosno
Freedom in Forgiveness: Reclaim your heart to love more fully.
Forgiveness is a decision not a feeling. Psychologist Dr. Eve Rosno shares tips for you to release your resentment once and for all.
Dr. Nimali Fernando
Eliminate Picky Eating Once and For All
Ready to end the dining room table battles and have a joyful dining experience? Join Dr. Nimali Fernando for tips to create healthy eating habits with less stress.
Stephanie Crane
How to Make Working from Home Work for You
Earn an income without spending half your life away from those you love! Stephanie has successfully worked from home for years and shares her tips to make working from home an option for you.
C.J. Schneider
The Secrets to Creating a Village of Supportive Women
Motherhood left you feeling isolated and alone? Find tips for meaningful connection in the real world with author C.J. Schneider!
Karen Ehman
Eliminate overwhelm, find time for God, and reclaim joy in your motherhood!
Being a mom can feel like you’re drowning! Karen Ehman, author and speaker throws us a lifeline and shares how to keep faith alive and find joy in the trenches of motherhood.
Kerry Petsinger
Mindset Matters: Life hacks to get unstuck for good!
Stop spinning in the hamster wheel and make real progress towards your goals! Learn tips to finally change your habits for success.
Tammy Kresge
Quick Easy Meal Planning that Can Save Your Sanity
If you find yourself in the drive-thru more than you’d like or discouraged staring at the fridge at 5:30pm each night, this is for you! Tammy of Organize Yourself Skinny is here to share tips for helping busy families eat healthy (and lose weight) by meal planning!
Sheila Gregoire
Understanding the Keys to Fulfilling Intimacy in Your Marriage
We’re talking about sex with Sheila, author and blogger at To Love, Honor, and Vacuum! Learn about how to overcome the confusing messages in our culture and embrace the beautiful intimacy God intended for married couples.
Jen Fulwiler
Find God’s Will in your Life and Have the Courage to Act on It.
If only God could just spell it out for us, we’d have the answers to all of our difficult decisions! Jen walks us through the challenge of knowing God’s will for us and gives us tips for taking those often terrifying leaps of faith.
Dr. Eve Rosno
When Counting to 10 Doesn’t Cut It. Understanding and Managing Stress Naturally
Stress seems inevitable as a parent. Listen as Dr. Eve Rosno shares how to effectively conquer your challenging moods and emotions.
Danielle Bean
More than JUST a mom! Learn to embrace your dignity!
Join this popular author, speaker and TV host to uncover your amazing gifts and worth as a woman and mother!
Jodi Phillips
The Secrets to Keeping Kids Close to God as they Leave the Nest
Learn how you can prepare your kids to be faithful young adults! Jodi gives us the most powerful thing we can do as parents to make a difference!
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Taste for Truth
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Mothers of the Village (Book Chapter)

CJ Schneider
The Butterfly
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Natalie Mauer
Change Any Child

Joanne Miller

5 Mindset Hacks to Live an Extraordinary Life

Kerry Petsinger
Mineral Power

Wendy Myers
Limitless Energy

Wendy Myers
Live to 110 by
​ Weighing Less

Wendy Myers

Modern Paleo
Survival Guide

Wendy Myers
Top 5 Elements
​ to Aid Sleep

Wendy Myers
Top 5 Forms
​of Magnesium

Wendy Myers
Supplements Ingredients to Avoid

Wendy Myers

Deficiencies and Metals That Cause Diabetes

Wendy Myers
Toxic Metals: Sources and Symptoms

Wendy Myers
Food-Based vs. Synthetic Supplements

Wendy Myers
Minerals: The Most Important Supplement

Wendy Myers
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